Meetings will usually be held on the 1st Wednesday (afternoons) & 4th Tuesday (Evenings) of each Month in the

Frasier Room, Surfleet, Spalding, Lincs. Please see list below.

Visitors and/or potential new members are always welcome.

Annual subscriptions: (Due in September)

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Junior (Under 16)


The program of meetings for the 51st Season (2015/2016):



Wednesday 3rd August

2.00 pm

Arthur or Peter entertains

Tuesday 23rd August

7.30 pm

SADMAS preview & Monthly competition

Wednesday 7th September

2.00 pm

Peter or Arthur entertains

Tuesday 27th September

7.30 pm


Thursday 5th October

2.00 pm

Sadmas Trophy (at Spalding)

Tuesday 25th October

7.30 pm

The Moving Finger - Pamela Hiscock

Wednesday 2nd November


Monthly Competition - 'Something Topical' followed by a Bring and Buy

Tuesday 29th November


Christmas - Joyce Boyer

Wednesday 7th December

2.00 pm

Egg Cup competition and Christmas Social

Tuesday 27th December

7.30 pm

No meeting



Wednesday 4th January

2.00 pm

Members displays - New Stuff

Tuesday 24th January

7.30 pm


Wednesday 1st February

2.00 pm

'I' is for '.......' & Monthly Competition

Tuesday 21st February

7.30 pm

Annual Competition Night + Bring & Buy

Wednesday 1st March

2.00 pm

Wojciech Kierstan - Czechoslovakia

Tuesday 28th March

7.30 pm

Members displays - £sd and the Monthly Competition

Wednesday 5th April

2.00 pm

Auction in the Afternoon

Thursday 20th April


Visit to Peterborough Society

Tuesday 25th April

7.30 pm

Chris Howe - Worldwide Registered Mail

Wednesday 3rd May

2.00 pm

Susan Cattermole - Cyprus

Tuesday 23rd May

7.30 pm

AGM followed by a Bring & Buy

Wednesday 7th June

2.00 pm

Members displays - Work in Progress!

Tuesday 27th June

7.30 pm

Beryl's Birds and other things.

Wednesday 5th July

2.00 pm

Whatever Members like?

Tuesday 25th July

7.30 pm

Peter Pugh - 'Another Bloody Railway Part I'

For further details please contact: Frank Wilson on 01775 766117

or by email at

Affiliated to Mid Anglia Philatelic Federation of Philatelic Societies.