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German New Guinea - German 5pg PS reply card with addl. 3pfg stamps x 2 all cancelled by STEPHANSORT postmark of October 1897. Addressed to Stuttgart with message dated 4th October 1897.



German New Guinea - PPC printed to private order with 5pfg green "Deutsch-Neu-Guinea opt. printed stamp with addl 5pfg green German stamp for correct postage rate to Germany. Both postmarked STEPHANSORT 1 July 1898 with 3 stars at base. German stamp also has addl. postmark. Believed to be an extremely rare usage.



German New Guinea - 27 July 1897 MATUPI postmark in German 10pfg stamp on Gruss Aus Matupi postcard addressed to Kiel. The stamp corner of the PPC had been torn off and skillfully replaced.



German New Guinea - 3 June 1899 FREIDRICH-WILHELMSHAFEN postmark on 10pfg private order postal stationery picture postcard addressed to Berlin



German New Guinea - 3 August 1901 FREIDRICH-WILHELMSHAFEN postmark on 5pfg private order postal stationery plain postcard addressed to Hamburg.



German New Guinea - 1898 5pfg green postal stationery reply card unused



German New Guinea - 1898 10pfg red postal stationery reply card unused



German New Guinea - 29 July 1899 HERBERTSHOH postmark on 20pfg blue stamp on envelope to France



German New Guinea - 8 August 1910 RABAUL postmark on 10pfg red stamp on picture postcard to London - very attractive



German New Guinea - 22 August 1913 KIETA postmark on 5pfg green postal stationery postcard - no message on reverse.



German New Guinea - 8 January 1901 MATUPI postmark on 3pfg brown stamp on picture side of "Gruss Aus Dem Bismarck-Archipel" Postcard - address side not addressed



German New Guinea - 1901 5pfg green postal stationery reply card unused - H&G No. 10



German New Guinea - 1901 10pfg red postal stationery reply card unused - H&G No. 11



German New Guinea - 1901 10pfg red postal stationery postcard unused - H&G No. 9



German New Guinea - Double postcard (now separated) showing Government House and the Post Office, HERBERTSHOHE - unused



German New Guinea - 6 September 1913 internal letter from KAEWIENG to Rabaul with 10pfg red stamp



German New Guinea - 23 March 1905 HERBERTSHOHE postmark on 5pfg green stamp on PPC to Germany



German New Guinea - 28 November 1907 STEPHANSORT postmark on 5pfg green postal stationery postcard (H&G 8) with intriguing message on back in pencil, as it can be interpretated in two ways depending on who wrote it i.e. in GNG or Germany.



German New Guinea - 21 March 1910 SIMPSONHAFEN postmark on 10pfg red on envelope - Correct rate for letters to Germany



German New Guinea - 3 January 1909 SIMPSONHAFEN postmark on 20pfg blue on envelope to Egypt. Correct rate for letters to foreign countries



German New Guinea - 6 July 1910 HERBERTSHOHE postmarks on overwieght (20pfg postage) Registered cover (20pfg fee) to Germany



German New Guinea - 27 July 1910 BERLINHAFEN postmark on 10pfg postal stationery reply card (reply card not used)



German New Guinea - Liebig cards - Four different cards in very good condition - Inc. bullock drawn railway



German New Guinea - 12 February 1909 FREIDRICH-WILHELMSHAFEN by favour postmark on PPC of Herbertshohe & volcanoes



German New Guinea - PPC of Gazelle Peninsular, New-Pommern (New Britain) - unused.



German New Guinea - 11 February 1905 FINSCHHAFEN postmark on 10pfg red stamp on envelope to Germany - Arrival Geroldsgruen 18 April 1905



German New Guinea - 30 September 1905 FREIDRICH-WILHELMSHAFEN postmark on 10pfg red on envelope to Germany



German New Guinea - 11 March 1908 FREIDRICH-WILHELMSHAFEN postmark on 5pfg green postal stationery card (H&G 8) to Chicago (no message)



German New Guinea - 2 June 1014 RABAUL postmark on 5pfg green postal stationery card (H&G 14 watermarked) used to Germany?



German New Guinea - 22 May 1898 BERLINHAFEN first Day of office postmark on 10pfg red stamp postal stationery picture postcard to Germany



German New Guinea - 3 November 1914 EITAPE postmarks on 10pfg+10pfg postal stationery reply card. Cards stamped as this were never postally used, the reply half is stamped 17 November 1914. There are at least 20+ known to have been handstamped this way. Eitape was one of the last outstations to surrender in January 1915.



German New Guinea - 5pfg green postal stationery postcard unused (H&G 8)



South Australia - part of a Newspaper Wrapper sent from Adelaide, South Australia 11 September 1902. Addressed to Herrn. Gottl. Keppler, Sattelberg, via Finschhafen, German New Guinea. Finschhafen closed in 1891 and did not reopen until 1904. Scarce incoming mail to GNG.



Australian Occupation - 4 January 1915 emvelope to Sydney, NSW with Pairs of SG3 & SG4 and a SG 33 all tied by RABAUL oval postmark. First day of usage of this postmark. Superb item.



Australian Occupation - 28 February 1915 envelope to Port Price, S.Australia with SG 51 plus SG O1 & SG O2 all tied with RABAUL oval postmark



Australian Occupation - 5th May 1915 5pfg green German postal stationery card opt GRI 1d postmarked oval RABAUL addressed to UK. Cpl. Sam Baker, Asst. Post Master, Rabaul. Card has German seal and 4 different NWPI stamps on reverse. Attractive and unusual but has been folded and is a little grubby.



Australian Occupation - 17 October 1914 local addressed envelope with GRI 1d on 5pfg green stamp (SG2) with RABAUL unframed postmark (49a) - possibly first day of useage of this postmark.



Australian Occupation - 1915 STEPHANSORT '13' no month of day date single ring postmark cancels Australia 5d roo Perf OS. Faint Sydney roller canceller on reverse showing part date 3 AP in single ring and 1915 between lines.



Australian Occupation - 21 November 1915 Registered envelope to Sydney with twelve ½d overprinted stamps from the 3rd setting - top row all 'c' type bottom row 'acccbc' types. Rabaul GNG Registered label. Passed-by-censor cachet.



Australian Occupation - 21 June 1916 Registered envelope to UK with Kawieng postmark on Australia 6d roo's with OS perf. Sydney, London & Warrington backstamps.



Australian Occupation - 5 October 1916 Large Registered OHMS envelope to Paris with NWPI 3d yellow-olive verticle strip of 3 (all 3 settings) postmarked RABAUL. Also has large oval "The Treasury/Rabaul" cachet. GNG Registration label.



Australian Occupation - 13 October 1916 clean and neat Registered envelope to UK with HERBERTSHOHE postmark (25mm single circle) cancelling four different NWPI stamps



Australian Occupation - 9 November 1916. Under the terms of the surrender, local laws and customs remained in force, civilians who took an oath of neutrality were permitted to write home to Germany via a neutral country. Envelope endorsed "LETTER FOR ENEMYS COUNTRY ENCLOSED" and addressed to Holland. Postmarked at MADANG with two NWPI 2½d stamps. It was opened in Sydney on 28 November 1916 and resealed with a censor tape. Rotterdam arrival mark for 29 January 1917.



Australian Occupation -17 March 1917 small neat registered envelope with NWPI stamps and GNG registration label, postmarked RABAUL, presumably left open for censor as there is no censor resealing tape. Handstamped in violet "Passed Censor Rabaul 20 MAR 1917", backstamped Sydney 17 April.



Australian Occupation - 14 October 1917 KIETA postmark on Australia 5d roo with OS perf on registered envelope to UK. Backstamps for Sydney & Liverpool.



Australian Occupation - 15 February 1918 KOKOPO postmarks on small neat envelope to UK. The "Registered" has been crossed out and there is no Regn label or number. The postmark is showing signs of wear. The soft metal filling obliterating "Queensland" is beginning to wear away and is beginning to show.



Australian Occupation - 30 April 1918 MOROBE postmarks on registered envelope to UK with NWPI stamps and GNG registered label



Australian Occupation - 4 October 1918 EITAPE postmarks on registered envelope to Switzerland with NWPI stamps and GNG registration label. On the reverse is a large red wax seal impressed with "Kaiserlich Deutsch Post/Deutsch/New Guinea" with crown above and post horn below. Arrived Basel 22 Nov 1919!



Australian Occupation - 17 December 1918 RABAUL postmarked registered envelope to UK with strip of 3 of NWPI 2½d stamps. Large "The Treasury/Rabaul" cachet. The GNG registration label is from the closed post office at DEULON which has been crossed through and RABAUL applied by handstamp. This is known from Nov. 1918 until Jan 1919. Sydney transit postmark on reverse.



Australian Occupation - September 1919 NAMATANAI violet postmark registered envelope to Switzerland with five different NWPI stamps. GNG registration label still in use. backstamped at Sydney 20 Oct 1919 and Bern 16 Dec 1919. As with Kokopo the handstamp at Namatanai has the word Queensland added in error. The error was covered with a soft metal filling which gradually wore away and Queensland began to appear. On this cover the error is very clear.



Australian Occupation - 23 July 1921 RABAUL/NEW BRITAIN postmark with 'N' reversed on two NWPI stamps on envelope to USA.



British New Guinea - Early cover inwards from UK via Thursday Island to Sir William MacGregor, Administrator from 1888 and was Governor from 1895. The cover was posted in Cambridge 24 January 1891, arrived in Brisbane six weeks later, then took 10 days to get to Thursday Island postmarked 20 March 1891. The receiving date marked on the cover is 20 April 1991.



Sir William MacGregor - 1899 cover from Presidents Office, Queensland to Sir William in London, but re-directed to Lagos, West Africa as he had just been appointed Governor or Lagos. Neat, clean cover with some unusual postmarks



British New Guinea - 1891 cover from North Berwick, with GB 1d Lilac stamp for postage to Sir William MacGregor, c/o the Colonial Office, London. It arrived in Brisbane 24 December 1891 presumably via the Diplomatic Bag. A 2d Queensland stamp being applied from the transmission of the letter to B.N.G. Backstamped 31 December 1891 at Cooktown. marked as being received 28 February 1892. Unusual and different "dual" franking!



British New Guinea - 1901 1½d blue postal stationery card used SAMARAI 25 March 1905 addressed to Port Moresby with message about stamps sent



British New Guinea - black & white photographic postcard of "Parade, SAMARAI" minor faults and with traces of red sealing wax on reverse



British New Guinea - London Missionary Society postcard of New Guinea showing James Chalmers and other missionaries in native canoe. James Chalmers was massacred at Risk Point, in the Aird River in 1901.



British New Guinea - Two Liebig cards showing Pottery at Port Moresby and Natives at Granville.



British New Guinea - 1901 1½d blue postal stationery card unused with slight toning at edge



Papua - 24 April 1917 - 1d black & carmine lakatoi stamp postmarked PORT MORESBY on PPC of Papuan Spearman. Card addressed to UK.



Papua - 24 April 1917 - 1d black & carmine lakatoi stamp postmarked PORT MORESBY on PPC of Purari River Cannibals. Card addressed to UK.



Papua - 1931 cover with 1930 AirMail and Monoplane opts set from SAMARAI to France. Endorsed "By Airmail Cairns/Perth".



Papua - First Official Air Mail "Faith in Australia" cover postmarked Port Moresby 26 Jy 31. backstamped Sydney.



Papua - First Day cover with 2d Jubilee of Declaration of British Protectorate postmarked Port Moresby 6 NO 34



Papua - 5d Five Pence opt on 1s stamp used on cover to UK postmarked Port Moresby 23 MR 32.



Papua - 21 July 1913 1d pink Lakatoi on cover from SAMARAI to Rev. Gill in UK. Rust spots and minot damage.



Papua - 1932 airmail cover from SAMARAI posted 13 June 1932 to Germany via Brisbane 20 June, reaching Germany 23 July. Red "Luftpostamt" handstamp.



Papua - 1911 OHMS cover Port Moresby 21 Aug 11 to Italy with 2½d black & blue-violet Perf OS stamp. Correct rate of Foreign Countries. Backstamp Brisbane



Papua - 20 JA 1918 neat and clean cover to Scotland with 1d rose-pink perf 14 stamp Port Moresby postmark. part Singpaore backstamp



Papua - All British Pictures Co Ltd Series One - "A Papuan Village" card with plain back



Papua - All British Pictures Co Ltd Series One - "Papuan children playing games" postcard postallu used in UK 1925



Papua - 1 December 1936 BUNA BAY postmark cover to Canada with 1932 1d & 4d stamps - various backstamps



Papua - 25 January 1934 Registered cover from LOSUIA to UK with 6d Airmail overprint stamp. backstamps.



Papua - Science Museum, London early postcard showing Outrigger Canoe from New Guinea. unused.



Papua - 23 March 1935 LOSUIA postmarks on piece with 1d green x 2 stamps. nice postmarks.



Papua - 6 November 1934 KOKODA postmark on 50th Anniv. of Declaration First Day Cover.



Papua - 14 May 1937 Coronation set on First Day Cover with Port Moresby postmarks.



Papua - Guinea Airways Ltd 2 September 1937 cover with Coronation set postmarked Port Moresby to Wau



Papua - First Flight Singapore-Papua at 1½d All Up Rate. Backstamp Brisbane 9.8.38 and Port Moresby 10 AUg 38. Returned to England per Instructions on reverse 'Please return after 24 hours to address on otherside'.



Papua - Large Registered envelope to UK. Coronation set with Port Moresby 29 JE 37 postmark, Red "British New Guinea Treasury" seal on reverse



Papua - OHMS envelope/wrapper front with boxed "Official Free" and "Treasury/Territory of Papua" addressed to Victoria. Port Moresby 21 SP 40 postmark



Papua - Illustrated registered cover with Coronation set with SAMARAI 16 OC 37 postmark. Perforated Samarai Registeration label.



Papua - 6 September 1939 Airmail Stamps Censored Registered First Day Cover to Denmark - various backstamps & censor mark.



Papua - 7 December 1940 Forces Censorship Naval Service - 4d olive-green stamp postmarked Port Moresby on Airmail cover to Brisbane. All mail from Australian forces based in Papua went through civil channels until 1942. Censored at source and possibly later they travelled for the special concessionary airmail rate of 4d to Australia.



Papua - 2 January 1941 registered cover from SAMARAI to Buin via Kieta with 6d bistre-brown. Samarai, Rabaul & Kieta backstamps.



Papua - 8 November 1941 R.A.A.F. Concession Rates cover from Port Moresby to UK containing Christmas card from "Officers' Mess R.A.A.F. Port Moresby, Papua. Inset photograph of native huts and palm trees.



Non-Philatelic Literature - Most have Some foxing to edges of pages.


Growing Up in New Guinea by Margaret Mead. Pelican Books 1942. A study of adolescence and sex in primitive societies. 215pp paperback. damage to card cover.



Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vols 1 & 2. By C.A.W. Monckton. Penguin Books reprinted 1937. both books have damage to their spines otherwise not bad condition. 256pp in each vol.



An Outpost in Papua by A. K. Chignell. Pub. Smith , Elder & Co, London 1915 2nd Edition. Hardback 376 pages. About the daily life of a missionary.



Great Heart of Papua (James Chalmers) by W.P. Nairne. The Pathfinder series Pub. by Oxford University Press undated. Hardback 229 pages.



Papua of Today (or An Australian Colony in the Making) by Sir Hubert Murray K.C.M.G. Pub by P.S. King & Son Ltd, London 1925. Hardback 308 pages



Last Days in New Guinea by C.A.W. Monckton. Being further experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate. Pub. Bodley Head. no date. Hardback 290 pages. with illistrations and a map.



Way Back in Papua by J. H. Holmes. Pub George ALlen & Unwin Ltd London 1926. Hardback 320 pages.



Chalmers of New Guinea by Cuthbert Lennox. Pub. Andrew Melrose, London 1942. Hardback 208 pages



New Guinea Diary by George H. Johnston. Pub. The Travel Book Club 1946. Hardback 253 pages inc map. Diary of a War Correspondent 1942-1943



No Tobacco No Hallelujah by Matthew Smedts. Pub William Kimber, London 1955. A tale of a visit to the Stone Age Capaukoos. Hardback with dust cover. 208 pages



First Contact New Guinea's Highlanders Encounter The Outside World by Bob Connolly & Robin Andserson. Penguin Books 1987. Paperback 317pages.



New Guinea the Tide is Stemmed by John Vader. The Pan/Ballantine illustrated History of World War II. 1972 Paperback 160 pages.



Indonesian New Guinea - Irian Jaya - Indonesian Travel Guides by Periplus Editions 1990 by Dr. Kal Muller. Paperback 168 pages.



Brush Up Your PIDGIN by Dorgan Rushton illustrated by William Rushton. Pub Willow Books 1983. "A Sensible, Conversational, Beginner's phrasebook of Pidgin-English for the British Traveller including an everyday guide to Survival in the Jungles of New Guinea, New Britain, ........". A lighthearted look at language. Hardback 128 pages.




Uniting A Nation The Postal and Telecommunication Services of Papua New Guinea by James Sinclair. Pub. Oxford University Press 1984. Paperback 287 pages



The Crafts of Papua New Guinea - Pub. Office of Business Development, Ministry of Labour, COmmerce & Industry . paperback 32 pages.



Papua New Guinea Atlas - A Nation in Transition. 1982. large paperback 110 pages. Full of maps showing distribution of almost anything!


Philatelic Literature


Franklin's Guide to the Stamps of Papua New Guinea by Mark Franklin, Pub. 1970. Hardback 152 pages.



The Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua 1885-1942 by Roger Lee. Pub. by Robson Lowe 1983. Hardback 112 pages



The Postmarks of British New Guinea and Papua to 1942 by Hamilton Croaker. Photocopy of 1956 edition. 29 A4 pages.



The Postal History of the Territory of New Guinea from 1888 to 1942 by John H. Powell, updated and reset by Andrew Loughran 2003. Signed. 52 pages



The Anglican Church in Papua 1942-1945 Part 1 by J. A. Jennings. Pub. 1978. A study of covers sent by or to Anglican Missionaries serving in Papua. 40 pages



The Anglican Church in Papua 1942-1945 Part 2 by J.A. Jennings. An update of material found since Part 1. undated. 18 pages.



The Postal History of Papua New Guinea 1945-1998 Volume 1. The Post Offices Part 1:- Abau - Lumi. including Appendix A and Appendix B - by M.J. Garwood & R.A.D. Heward. Pub. 2000 - Approx. 150 pages.



The Postal History of Papua New Guinea 1945-1998 Volume 1. The Post Offices Part 2:- Madang - Yomba including the Addendum 1999-2000 and Appendix C and Appendic D. by M.J. Garwood & R.A.D. Heward. Pub. 2001 - approx 150 pages



The Postal History of Papua New Guinea 1945-1998 Volume 2. Postage Paid Markers - Relief Postmarkers, Dead Letter Offices & Air Mail Late Fee. by M.J. Garwood & R.A.D. Heward. Pub. 1999.



The Postal History of Papua New Guinea 1945-1998 Volume 3. Ship Marks of the Vessels in and around the Waters of Papua New Guinea. by Tony WIlliams, R.A.D. Heward and A.B. Loughran. pub2004. 87 single sided pages.


Back to covers again


New Guinea - cover from Bishop Newton, c/o ANGAU, Milne Bay with m/s stamps not available, tax mark of 2½d. b/s Brisbane 12 Aug 44



Aust. Unit Postal Stn.410. 14 July 1945 handstamp on cover to Dogura. Certified official by V.H.Shewin, Chaplin. Headed "local island mail"



Japanese Prisoner of War Post - addressed to Lieut. A.A. Chandler, Fortress Company, R.A.E. Rabaul, believed Zentsuji Camp, Shikoku Island. Stamped with an oblong japanese baxed chop, Passed by Censor 216. Full writeup on album page.



Thursday Island - undated envelope from Navy to Naval Officer in Charge for a telepraphist T.O.L. Raebel. Mute Capetown Paquebot. Backstamped blue cachet "From H.M. Ships passed by censor" and initialed.



Army Post Office 060 22 February 1944 (Milne Bay) postmark on censored cover to UK.



New Guinea - Two postcards (unused) showing a Service in a chapel and an outside view of the Church. Published in USA.



New Guinea - 11 October 1951 R.A.N. Post Office, Number 3 (Manus District) on Australian stamp on cover to UK. two different "H.M.A. Ships" cachets and m/s "Naval Air Concession"



Australian Forces Mail - 27 September 1944 A.F.P.O. No. 201 (Milne Bay, Papua) postmark on censored Tattersall's cover



Australian Forces Mail - 3 September 1944 Air FOrce Post Office No. 252 (Aitape) postmark on censored Tattersall's cover



Australian Forces Mail - 17 December 1943 Field P.O. 081 (Dobodura) censored cover to Brisbane



Australian Forces Mail - 2 August 1943 Aust. Unit Postal Stn. 360 (Ioma) censored Tattersall's cover



Australian Forces Mail - AIF Field PO No. 21 postmark on Australian Postal Stationery Registered envelope. Australian Imperial Forces censor mark and "Aust. Army Postal Services FPO Reg No" hanstamp



Australian Forces Mail - 18 April 1944 Aust Army P.O. 217 (Wewak) on Registered censored Tattersall's cover



Australian Forces Mail - 16 AUgust 1943 Australian Forces P.O. 167 (Rabaul) on censored cover to Melbourne



Australian Forces Mail - December 1943 Field Post Office 026 (Finschafen) on censored cover to NSW



U.S. Army in New Guinea - Four covers from Dreger Harbour(2), Finschhafen, Camp Washington, Finschhafen, Admiralty Islands



U.S. Army in Papua - Three covers from APO 298 No. 6 Milne Bay, Goodenough Island, Fifth Field Hospital APO 928 (Milne Bay)



U.S. Navy - 1945 - three covers from Manus to USA



U.S. Navy in Papua - 1943 & 1944 covers from Milne Bay area.



West New Guinea, UNTEA, West Irian - collection of covers some written-up many not as per scans



Papua New Guinea - Kavieng 9 February 1949 airmail cover to UK with purple postmark with date inverted (only known for a couple of months)



Papua New Guinea - Kavieng 5 July 1950 Registered cover to UK with 3 x Australia 3½d UPU stamps and Rabual b/s



Papua New Guinea - Kavieng 12 March 1990 Postmark KV-7/8 Rubber handstamps - little used



Papua New Guinea - Kavieng 25 August 1983 Postmark Relief No. 7 on registered cover to UK



Papua New Guinea - Kavieng 21 July 1959 Postmark K2 used on Dept. of Posts & Telegraphs envelope together with "Telegraph Office/Kavieng" cds



Papua New Guinea - M.V. Malakuna three covers May, June & July 1951 from A.H. Voyce correspondence. Thrid cover is a local letter without a stamp!



Papua New Guinea - LAE 22 September 1959 OHMS cover with Department of Forests, Lae cachet.



Papua New Guinea - 17 September 1957 International Telegram and envelope with "O. P.O. Coastal Radio Station Rabaul" hanstamp



Papua New Guinea - Sohano 20 April 1949 Message Form used as a Registration Receipt for 4 items sent by Rev. Voyce to N.Z.



Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby 13 September 1957 postmark on part of "Bird of Paradise" timetable. unusual



Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby postmark on OHMS wrapper? to Carsair Air Services, Port Moresby



Papua New Guinea - 1962 Aerogram addressed to Vanimo via Wewak with PNG 5d stamp pen cancelled and with Hollandia 5 January 1962 handstamp. Also "T50 ctms" postage due h/s. Vanimo had no post office at this time and Wewak is 170 miles to the S.E.



Solomon Islands - Papua New Guinea - Br. Solomon Islands 1937 Coronation set on envelope with Rabaul 13 Ja 38 postmarks. very unusual



Liebig Card - for British Solomon Island musicians etc.





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